3PL and 4PL Trends in the Indian Market.


The 3PL market in India is highly fragmented. However, 3 PLs are gaining more and more importance due to the increasing awareness of the Indian firms towards the benefits of outsourcing. By doing so, organisations are able to not only

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Spark Logistics reveals its secrets to having an Organised Warehouse!


According to the KPMG-CII 2007 report, India has a total warehousing space of approx 1,800 million sq ft, of which only 8 percent (144 million sq ft) is in the organised sector. With Spark logistics being among the 8 percent

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Warehouse Security


Warehouses usually store all the goods in its original packaging in huge numbers, thus attracting thefts and making them a prime target for burglars. Apart from the huge threat that warehouses face from pilferage, a bigger concern these days is

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