Spark Logistics reveals its secrets to having an Organised Warehouse!

the-qverviewAccording to the KPMG-CII 2007 report, India has a total warehousing space of approx 1,800 million sq ft, of which only 8 percent (144 million sq ft) is in the organised sector.

With Spark logistics being among the 8 percent in the organised sector, we ask them what efforts go into setting themselves apart from the rest 92 percent. Here’s what they said:

Maintaining and organizing a warehouse may not be as daunting as you think. All it takes is a few pointers to follow and you’ll be on your way to an organized process:-

1. Organised and Planned storage

Not all of our inventory is of the same size, the same weight or the same shape. Similarly we don’t store equal quantities of everything we stock. We also have a number of hot products that sell on a daily basis so we store them close to the area used for packing and shipping. This not only makes things easier for our pickers, it also cuts down on their travelling time to and from the picking location. Thus, by storing the inventory wisely we use our warehouse space more productively.

2. Technology and Labelling systems

We have our in-house Warehouse Management System – ‘Kloudport’ which is capable to generate and include bar-coding along with the best labelling systems available. The efficiency is immensely improved using these.

3. Making use of vertical height

The vertical space in our warehouse is close to 25 ft. And we are making use of it by going for pallet racking systems. This surely multiplies the volume of storage space available in our warehouse, increasing the productivity.

4. Training our staff

We realised very early that to add value and support the technology we have, we will require highly trained professionals. It’s absolutely pointless having an ultra-organised warehouse if our staff mess it up. And to bridge this gap, we have invested in continuous training sessions for our people and enhancing their skills.

5. Keeping the warehouse tidy

We believe a warehouse can remain organised only if it is kept tidy. We make sure the housekeeping duties are completed on a daily basis. And it’s surprising at the difference this makes!

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