Warehouse Security

lrg-140-or-md-theft-prosecutedWarehouses usually store all the goods in its original packaging in huge numbers, thus attracting thefts and making them a prime target for burglars. Apart from the huge threat that warehouses face from pilferage, a bigger concern these days is to protect virtual data and information from unwanted actions of unauthorized users.

Therefore, security of data as well as products becomes paramount in any warehouse. Mr. Davies Thoppil, Director, Spark Logistics shares with us his views on how to take preventive measures:

Warehouse Layout

A very acute aspect of this problem is how the layout and design of the warehouse facilitate monitoring and prevent unauthorized intrusion. The strategic placement of alarms, fences and exits are equally important in reducing the opportunities for crime.

Placing monitoring devices in high value cages and rooms also helps. Now, with the IP camera technology, it has become so easy to access and monitor products and staff when off site from any location.

Data Security

A crucial dimension for warehouse security includes a password protected system for all electronic data points in the warehouse. And it is necessary to ensure that every staff member has a personal username and a strong password.

Also, installing a strong antivirus and firewall protection into the systems are essentials in your supply of online security weapons.

A lot of vital data is stored virtually, including financial records to customers’ private information. Getting the data compromised is a distressing experience. Thus a general rule of thumb is scheduling regular backups to an external hard drive to safely store the data.

Last but not the least, Smart Recruitment!

Unfortunately, a very common problem faced is theft by internal staff and it can prove to be very costly to warehouses. This can be prevented by hiring trusted employees and; performing thorough background checks forms a core part of it.

Lastly, he adds that a combination of these is a finest way to help keep the assets secure.

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